Things to do in Bhutann

A Buddhist kingdom known for its monasteries and fortress; Bhutan lies in the Himalaya’s eastern edge.

With its dramatic landscape and amazing natural beauty, it is also known as the Land of Thunder Dragon.

Here are few things to enjoy if you are in Bhutan

  1. Tiger’s Nest
  • a Monastery also known as Paro Takstang is one of the iconic landmark of Bhutan
  • located at the side of the steep cliff in the Paro Valley
  • this location was chosen by a tigress who brought Guru Rinpoche
  • a 2 hour hike will bring you to this monastery
  1. Temple of the Divine Madman
  • a pilgrimage site for the childless couples who are blessed in the temple in the hope of becoming fertile
  • here women are blessed with sex again at this place
  1. Takin
  • takin is the national animal of Bhutan and can be found in forested valleys
  • you can see plenty of them in the Motithsng Takin Preserve, Thimpu
  • they look very content and well fed and spend most of their time lazing about in the facility
  1. Punakha Dzong
  • fort monasteries found throughout Bhutan
  • they are administrative and religious centers of Bhutanese communities
  • also known as Palace of Great Happiness
  • features the typical detailed Buddhist symbols and murals of life of Buddha
  • you can also enjoy rafting here in the rivers
  1. Archery
  • Archery is Bhutan’s national sport and is practiced everywhere in the country
  • you can have great fun and entertainment her e

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