Things to do in China

China is one of the biggest Republic of Asia and is known by its population as its strength.

With it’s rich cultural heritage, China has progressed a lot in the areas of science, development and industries.

If you are in China, do plan for these places for sure:

  1. Yellow Mouontains
  • Huangshan, means the Yellow Mountains is one of the best tourist attractions
  • you can find ink painting and the iconic way of clouds hover above the peaks on a rainy day
  • a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • a must visit place during sunrise and winter snows
  1. Pandas of Chengdu
  • Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is an animal sanctuary to only one animal;Pandas
  • offers a up-close looks at giant pandas, red pandas
  • a morning visit is recommended
  1. Great Wall
  • one of the most iconic walls
  • known as a site for the strenuous hike
  • on the one side, you can meet the sea in Henan province and on the other side you will find unique view of Gobi desert
  1. Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple
  • Shaolin Temple is regarded as the birth place of Chinese Kung Fu
  • monks have mastered this unique combination of Zen Buddhism and Martial Arts here
  • You can learn Kung Fu here as monks still practice
  1. Old City walls of Xi’an
  • Xi’an is known as the Terracotta Warriors
  • you can opt for simple bike ride atop the old city walls
  • excellent experience and quite impressive
  • do look down to have a bird’s eye view of the city’s everyday life

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