Indian culture: A myth or a reality

In the words of Sadhguru, Every culture is valuable to that particular population; largely for the emotional and territorial reasons. But the significance of Indian culture is that it is a scientific process towards human liberation and well-being. No other culture has looked at human being with as much depth and understanding as this culture has. No other culture has created methods to evolve a person into his ultimate nature. To put it very bluntly, I would say we have technologies as to how to manufacture an enlightened being.

India has always been considered a culturally rich country in the world because of its unity in diversity. India has several states with diverse food habits,traditions,beliefs, social customs,attire,language,festivals etc. The exclusive characteristics of our country is secularism and the best part is that every citizen lives in harmony and peace by respecting each others belief and culture. The strength of Indian culture has always been in its broad-heartedness, its ability to accept and assimilate others thought wholeheartedly.

In food habits too, India presents a mind-blowing variety; North Indian,South Indian,Mughlai,Continental depending upon the geography of the country.

There are lot of traditions followed in Indian culture that has a scientific significance. For example, touching feet of elders shows great respect t them but science says that when the feet is touched, a positive ray of energy passes from the one who is blessing to the one who is touching the feet. Keeping fast on few auspicious occasions gives health enhancement.

We in Indian culture consider, “Vasudhevo Kutumbakam”. It means we consider the entire planet as our home our family. Since the beginning of our civilization; Art,Literature and Architecture has been flourishing. India has full of talents. The Dravida temples of south,Ajanta Ellora caves Manuscripts of North has been such great examples.

On the other hands, we have to accept that we were ruled by outcomers over 800 years; nearly 600 from Mughals and 200 from English! After independence, Nehru also dragged us to Act west policy! In spite of that we follow the culture with our believes, no one told it to us, it has been forwarded to us by our families. Now if you believe it too, Ramayana was one million years old story,after analyzing the stones of Rama setu.

There are few other myths that makes Indian culture more prone to darkness such as its orthodox rituals, its poor caste system, its narrow mindedness towards women.

Apart from all these, India has one of the most dynamic culture and civilization in the world. All the traditions,festive and systems are based on the scientific temper and it teaches us how to live in harmony. The religious symbols signifies peace, harmony among the world.

Shikha Aakash

Shikha is an decorated Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience in the tech industry. She is also a part-time IAS aspirant trying fighting to fulfill her dreams. Her preparation efforts make her a keen observer and a clear thinker. She uses her columns usually to express her opinions about her observations of the world and raises important questions.

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