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Post COVID-lockdown in 2020, it was around June-July, stores started opening with limited capacity.  We rushed in hurry to get our furniture from Ikea Stoughton. Our first day at Ikea after this lockdown was full of hassle. There was a huge queue and people were waiting for their turns. We were so anxious and had done so much of research within the lockdown, we went there booked all our furniture and that’s it.

In next few days, we got all our thing, but the actual pain was to assemble as there was no one to help due to this ongoing pandemic. Anyhow we managed to set up our bed, cupboard, dresser, kitchen cabinet, workstation, coffee table and other small things with ourselves. Best part was its instructions in the manual. You can find the videos easily on how to fix ikea products on Youtube.




Here are the things we purchased from there.

  1. Malm Bedframe:

We got a huge King size bed frame for our bedroom. The Malm bed is super good. It took a day to complete the fixing of the entire bed. The length of this bed is 211cm and has a width of 209cm. It has a huge headboard of 100cm. We did not purchase inside drawers of the bed as we did not have much space in our rented apartment. But the bed is 22cm high from the ground. A clean design with solid wood, the bed cost us $249.

  1. Ikea PAX wardrobe:

We took 2 PAX wardrobes. One was a set of sliding doors with baskets and slats and another was a small one with the mirror door with slats. You can adjust the slats and baskets there before ordering, which I feel is the best part of Ikea adjustment… lol

Both the Wardrobes took one day each to fix and adjoin. I use one of the wardrobe with mirror door as my dresser and I am so much satisfied with it.. I cant tell you.

The one with sliding doors are an amazing gift of Ikea in our home and is used as a closet in our bedroom.

The sliding door PAX Wardrobe is of 236 cm high and around 200cm wide. It has 2 sliding doors and the inside space huge space is 65cm deep. It is very suitable for lesser space and is suitable for KOMPLEMENT series and cost us $249.

The mirror door PAX wardrobe has been little customized by us and we have used the maximum inside space. We have arranged it with 5 slats and a mirror door so that we can use it as a dresser. It cost us around $220.

  1. HAUGSVÄR Mattress:

After purchasing the bed frame, we roamed almost everywhere for the mattress. In some of the stores we found it in $ 1500 while in others it was around $800. Since we were looking for a king size firm mattress, we were getting very less options. Later on we thought of seeing it at ikea itself and guess what, it worked.!! Haha.. we got a very good deal in just $ 399, which was an amazing product. We got a firm King size mattress which is so good… man! wow… sleeping on it is just fun.

  1. Kitchen Cabinet BRIMNES:

This wonderful glass cabinet is 190cm high and 90cm wide and is very wide. It has several glass racks which helps us in storage coordination. It costs $169 and we use this cabinet to keep out crockery. It beautifies our dining spaces and coordinates with our dining table.

  1. BRIMNES Coffee cabinet:

This cute small cabinet is 95cm tall and 78cm wide. It is very spacious with 3 racks inside and of 41cm wide. It cost us $79, and we are using it as our coffee cabinet. We have kept our coffee machine on the top of the cabinet and use the wide racks to arrange our coffee, mugs and other snack items.

  1. MICKE Computer Desk

This computer desk is 75cm tall and 105cm wide. It has a drawer, door and sliding keyboard chest. The clever design at back hides the messy computer cables which makes it very beautiful. My black computer desk has made my workstation very cozy and it cost us $79.

  1. Malm Bed Side Drawers

This side drawer table is 55cm tall and has width of 40cm. It has 2 sliding drawers which are very spacious. Each table cost us $49 and is of white color. We love this table as it matches with the other furniture of our bedroom.

  1. RÅSKOG Utility Rack:

This multipurpose rack fits into smallest space. We used this rack to keep our dry vegetables like potatoes, onion. Now we use it to decorate our house with toys. This rack cost us $39.


  1. VITTSJÖ Coffee Table

The Coffee Table was 45cm tall and its diameter is 75cm. It cost us $39 only at Ikea at that time. The simple design of this coffee table is so beautiful that we can use it anywhere at home. We are now using this table with our love seat in our living room and it gives a beautiful look to my home.








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