We are hiring!

We are also looking for a passionate junior editor to join our team. The main responsibilities include.

  • Sorting through the reports received from readers
  • Verification of the readers’ reports from online/offline sources.
  • Creation of content either in writing or digital in lieu of the shortlisted reports.
  • Manual posts editing and site maintenance.

What do we offer in return.

  • We are offering a healthy compensation for every article that you contribute towards StreetsVoice.com.
  • A permanent featured section on StreetsVoice describing you and your work
  • A perma-link to your own website.
  • Complete credit for every article contributed thus building up your online editing resume.

So, if you are one of those who get easily intrigued by the happenings around you, use the form below to provide us with some samples of your writing and we shall get in touch with you

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