Things to do in Malaysia

A south east Asian country, Malaysia that occupies the parts of Malay peninsula and the island of Bomeo is famous for its rainforest and beaches.

If you are planning to a trip to a beach, do visit Malaysia as it will offer you with its diverse architecture and cultural relics.

Have a look to some of the top things you could find in Malaysia.

  1. PETRONAS tower
  • one of the iconic sights of the world is in Kuala lampur
  • architecture is in post modern style and also features motifs which represents the Muslims of Malaysia
  • its major attraction is sky walk over the bridge which join these twin towers
  1. Sunbathe on Langkawi
  • Langkawi island is one of the major archipelago of Andaman Sea
  • famous for backpapers and honeymooners as it suits them all in proper budget
  • best part of the island is its duty-free so you can stock up on souvenir items cheaply
  1. Tanku Abdul Rahman National Park
  • collection of five islands in the off coast of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, East Malaysia
  • can be accessed by ferry
  • you can enjoy trekking, hiking, swimming as well as scuba diving opportunities
  1. enjoy the culture of Malacca
  • known as the Historic state and gets its name from the Malacca Strait
  • has few most interesting architecture of Malaysia as it was formerly colonized by Portuguese
  • has number of red lacquer buildings
  • also has many museums, galleries and other places to explore
  1. Genting Highlands
  • a dubbed resorts located in the Titiwangsa Mountains and lies at an elevation of 5000 feet
  • this resort includes several different theme parks, bars, restaurants and nightclubs
  • major attraction here is cable car which is known as Genting Skyway
  • you can also enjoy several fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm over here.


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