Kitchen Ingredients for dry skin, dull hair and poor digestion

Ginger is rich in several ways and its goodness has been famous since ages.

Dried ginger powder which can be solution to your several problems are also known as saunth. It can help in reducing muscle aches and body pains. Since it is rich in antioxidants, it activates the trypsin and lipase and thus helps the digestive system as well.

Dried ginger powder also acts as a natural analgesic by providing pain relief to the body.

Here are some ways in which you can include Ginger in your daily diet


  1. Masala Chai
  • undoubtedly can fix everything
  • very soothing and calming in nature and can relieve your stress


  1. Saunth, ghee and jaggery
  • you can prepare laddos out of it and can have after your meal
  • not only it satisfies your sweet craving but also helps you to get rid of unwanted slump by regulating your thyroid system


  1. Sauth,jaggery and haldi
  • excellent solution for cough


  1. Ghee and sauth
  • mix the paste and rub it on the sole of your feet
  • improves your sleep and reduce digestion problems


  1. Aradiyo
  • a Gujarati dish made up of haldi, sauth and various other ingredients
  • reduce hair frizziness and dull skin problems during winters
  • also help in reducing muscles soreness after workout


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