Healthy Snacks

Mid meal snacks are very difficult and challenging.

Most of the time we are scared of gaining extra fats and cholesterols in the body.

Here are few food items that you can carry with you to munch your hunger anytime anywhere.


  1. Channa
  • Loaded with protein
  • Barely contain fats
  • You can add on spices, chana masala or chat masala to give it good flavor.


  1. Nuts
  • Contain high volume of protein and healthy fat and minerals.
  • Also rich in vitamins.
  • In case if you feel it as boring, you can add on some chat masala to add on the flavor.


  1. Masala Corn
  • Corn is rich in protein.
  • If spices are added, they increase its flavor.


  1. Tilgul
  • They are loaded with vitamins, calcium and iron.
  • If you are craving for something sweet, have a tilgul after your meal.
  • jaggery contained in it reduces the direct sugar level as well.


  1. Egg Sandwiches
  • Boiled eggs( without the yellow portion) along with brown bread are protein rich snack.
  • It can act as your meal if you are increasing the quantity.

Shikha Aakash

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