Ways to Varanasi

Varanasi being one of the oldest cities in the world holds back all the civilizations that are nestled and nurtured on the bank of river Ganga.

It is said to be the home land of Lord Shiva and you will gain salvation when your earthly existence will be over in this 5000 years old city.

To be franks, this city is unimaginable in itself as you will gain Moksha just by visiting this holy city.

Heart beat of the Hindu civilization lies here and have a look into this oldest overturn from culture to modernity.

  1. Boat ride in river Ganges
  • Gives you a spiritual charm(mainly in the evening or early morning) and one of the best experience of life.
  • Takes you through different ghats and former palaces giving a panoramic view along the river.
  1. Visit temples
  • Temple offers direct rendezvous with Gods here in this ancient city.
  • You can find temples in every nook and corner.
  • Most famous among them are Kashi Vishwanath temple, Sankat Mochan temple, Tulsi Manas temple, Bharat Mata Temple etc.
  1. Evening Aarti at Ganga Ghat
  • One of the world famous sight of Dasaswamedh Ghat which will cherish you for a log time.
  • Brass lamps of large size and around 5kgs weight are used along with chants, aromas of flowers and incense.
  • You will feel as if God is himself blessing you from the heaven.
  1. Sarnath Tour
  • Just 12kms away from the city of Varanasi, first place where Gautam Buddha taught Dharma after enlightenment.
  • One of the most famous holy Buddhist centers
  • Ashoka Pillar here is one of the major attraction along with the archaeological museum here.
  1. Enjoy Dev Diwali
  • 15days after Diwali, do visit the ghats of river Ganga.
  • All the stairs are glown in flames with thousands of tiny oil lamps each night.
  • This incredible place during that time is called as city of lights.

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