Top Body Soaps in India

Soaps are combination of few natural and chemical products that will act as a cleansing agent.

If you are applying it on your body while bathing, it will remove away all the dirt and will give you a better feeling.

Today I will give you an account on little good soap in India which are pocket friendly to you as well as easily accessible.

  1. Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar
  • Contains one forth moisturizing milk.
  • You will feel different as it gives soft, silky and smooth touch.
  • Replenish the moisture in the skin and leaves a mild aroma as well.
  1. Liril 2000 with Tea tree oil
  • Skin infection healing component.
  • Lime extract present
  • Refreshes your body.
  1. Pears Pure and Gentle
  • Mild fragrance
  • Glycerin and natural oils gives moisturizing capabilities
  • Gives soft, younger-looking skin
  1. Maysore Sandal
  • Made up of sandalwood and has all the healing and cooling properties of sandalwood
  • Also contain glycerin, vegetable oil
  • Heals away from infections.
  1. Fiama Di Wills
  • Made up of complete natural extracts
  • Make the skin soft and supply
  • Contains essential 6 pro formula with plant derived ingredients
  • Gives moisturized and radiant skin
  1. Khadi Sandalwood Mud Scrub
  • Made up of sandalwood powder, fuller’s earth, almond shell powder, glycerin, reetha and camphor
  • Helps in skin exfoliation.
  • Gives tantalizing fragrance.
  • It is an handmade bar
  1. Biotique Orange Peel Body Revitalizing Body Soap
  • Contains essential herbals
  • Contain pure orange oil and zest
  • Has vitamin C which clarifies and illuminates the skin
  • Also has musk root, walnuts, margaosa and turmeric
  • Balances the pH of the skin.


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