SAARC Nation Tour

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation comprises of Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

It comprises of 3% of the world’s area and 21% of the world’s population.

These places are excellent for their geographical beauty and mother nature’s excellences. Today, I will take you on tour to few beautiful places of the SAARC countries.

  1. Unusual attractions of Afghanistan
  • The magnificent blue mosque of Mazari Sharif surrounds thousands of White doves.
  • Sites of Bamiyan Buddhas will remind of the intolerance towards other cultures.
  • Band-e-Amir Lake of Yakawlang will amaze you with its splashes of blue.
  • Minarets of Jam is a 200-foot remnant of Afghanistan’s lost city of Turquoise mountains in Sharhrak.
  • Marjan-the Lion Memorial in Kabul is the monument honors the life long suffering lions.
  1. Natural beauty of Pakistan
  • The lost city of Indus Valley Civilization; Mhenjo-Daro belongs to one of the earliest civilization of the world.
  • Chaunkhandi Tombs of Karachi is well known for its sandstone necropolis with exquisite stone carving.
  • Tomb of Ali Mardan Khan of Lahore is a grand mausoleum which can be accessed via an almost 1000 foot long alleyway.
  • Derawar fort is a massive fortress bastion in the desert cholistan.
  • Lunar landscape of Hingol north Pakistan is a mud volcanic and bizarre rock formation.
  1. Things to do in Bhutan
  • Taktsang Palphug Monastery of Paro is popularly known as “ Tiger’s Nest”.
  • The palaces of great happiness or bliss, Punakha Dzong will make you realize the relevance of its name.
  • Hele La,Paro will amaze you with its enthusiastic high altitude mountain passes, you can enjoy an excellent road excursion.
  • Punakh Suspension Bridge is very popular 160m long bridge connecting Punakha and Thimpu.
  • Buddha Dordenma is a giant golden Shakyamuni Buddha statue in Thimpu is a statues sits atop gilded meditation hall.
  1. Beauty of Nepal
  • Everest; the highest mountain of the world has a great post to travel.
  • Spend some time in exploring the chaotic, crowded temples of Boudhnath, Swayambhunah, Pasupathinath.
  • You can enjoy the paragliding in the huge blue lakes of Pokhram.
  • Chitwan National Park jungle safari will lush you with grasses and animals.
  • Enjoy bungee jumping at Kathmandu.
  1. Amazing places in Sri Lanka
  • Viharamahadevi Park closes to Independence Memorial Hall is a sprawling park and is an excellent walking trails and has superb thrilling rides in the waterfall.
  • Gergeous Gangaramaya Temple in Colombo is an epitome of artistic brilliance and reflects Buddhist statue of Indian, Chinese and Thai fusion.
  • Pettah floating market will amaze you with its variety if knick-knacks like clothes, footwear, bags, accessories, jewelry, electronics and even fruits and vegetables.
  • Night lives of Colombo will entertain you with its live music, delectable food, bustling casinos and roulette.



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