Ways to Australia

Australia; being the smallest and lonely piece of island continent is a wonderful place in itself. It lies on the southern hemisphere of the globe.

You will find sun, beaches and Blue Mountains in abundance over here. The entire continent is full of parks, mountains, markets, art galleries and museums.

Today I will show you some of the wonderful places around the continent.

  1. Great Barrier Reef
  • Largest reef in the world
  • Made up of over 3000 separate reef system.
  • One of the most beautiful living reef system in the world.
  • boating,sailing,scenic helicopter flips or simply relaxing on the beach will give you a unimaginable view.
  1. The Blue Mountains
  • Located in the New South Wales, this city is an ideal place for the local visitors.
  • Comprises of beautiful landscapes dotted with charming small towns and villages where you can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor pursuits like scenic drives, hiking, cycling, horseback riding and many other adventurous sports activities like abseiling and canyoing.
  • Get a cable car ride and a scenic railway to enjoy the regions attractions.
  • Relaxing and getting spa over there is antique in itself.
  1. Cape Pillar Sea Cliffs
  • Standing over 900feet over the waters of Pacific, this cape pillar sea cliffs are a must see attraction.
  • Lies off the coast of mainland of Australia and are the tallest in southern hemisphere.
  • You can have boat tour out of the Port Arthur and hike to the cliff along the 25-mile cape pillar circuit.
  1. Darling Harbor
  • Prime location of Sydney and is the largest dockyard of the area.
  • People come to be entertained, dined, wined, rejuvenated with its attractive bars and places around.
  • Major center of tourist attractions like Harbor cruises, Australian National Maritime Museum, Madame Tussauds, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and the Powerhouse Museum can be caught around.
  1. Sydney Opera House
  • An architectural masterpiece in itself and one of the world’s most recognized buildings.
  • Enjoy pride of the place in Bennelong Point on Sydney Harbors.
  • You can dine over there along with enjoying the really fascinating Back Stage Tour.
  • Do not miss the live performance at this esteemed venue.









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