Nilgiri Mountains

The Nilgiri hills are a part of large mountain chain of Western Ghats. They are spread across the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. The highest point in these mountain ranges is Doddabetta with an altitude of 2637m.

The mountain ranges over here are known as ‘Blue Mountains.’ The entire area is very fascinating with its steep hills narrow valleys and numerous rivers and waterfalls.

Ooty situated in these Nilgiri ranges is the most fascinating place for tourism. It is one of the honeymoon destinations of India. It had been the summer capital of British Empire.

Trekking around this Blue Mountains are very adventurous. If you are around these hills, you must visit these places:

  1. Ooty Lake

An artificial lake constructed in 1824 from the waters of dams over the surrounding rivers. The main motive was to help fishermen by making fishing ferries out here. The lake is beautifully surrounded by eucalyptus trees and railway lines and attracts tourists by its famous ferries and boat rides.

  1. Doddabetta Peak

This is the highest peak of Nilgiri ranges and is situated in the Ooty district. Twin telescope are kept in the observatory on the top floor. You can get the view of the entire Ooty district from the telescope.

  1. Botanical Garden

This is one of the prime attractions of Nilgiri ranges and is home to around 650 species of plants and herbs.

Major attraction here is monkey’s puzzle tree ( which is a paper bark tree and also a fossilized tree), lower garden, new garden, Italian garden, Fountain Terrace conservatories and fountains.

  1. Catherine Waterfalls

It is a two step waterfall from the height of 76m. The water here has both lower and upper fall and the water from the upper fall takes a leap of about 250 feet, its beauty will amaze you from the top of Dolphin’s Nose. The best part of this waterfall is you can take a road trip to the top of the fall.

  1. Edakkal Caves

25Kms away from Kalpetta in the Wayanad district of Kerala, these natural caves are situated at an elevation of 1200, above the sea level. These stone carved caves resemble a skull are amazing to spend your day.

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