Trip to Indonesia

Indonesia; southeastern nation between Indian and Pacific Ocean is world’s largest island country with more than seventeen thousand islands.

It has lots of famous volcanic erupted islands as well.

Here are few things you should definitely do if you are planning a trip to Indonesia

  1. Floating Breakfast

These hotels in Bali; Indonesia’s capital will serve you with stunning pools wherein you can enjoy your floating breakfast

  • Kamandalu Ubud
  • Aksari Villa
  • Hanging Garden of Bali
  1. Sunrise over Borobudur Temple

On the hilltop of lush Yogyakarta, lies the Borobudur temples.

It is world’s largest Buddhist monument in the world and is an architectural masterpiece

Built without cement or mortar, the highest level of the temple gives you an amazing view of the early morning sunrise.

  1. Dead Live on at Tana Toraja

It is the most unique burial practice of Toraja tribes.

Toraja tribes believe that death is a celebration and it should be heralded with elaborate, extended funeral rites of rejoicing of soul to enter into paradise.

Instead of burying the dead they keep the body at home for years while they save enough for the funeral process.

  1. Indonesia Food

Nasi Gorenge—Fried Rice

Satay — Chicken/ Veggie skewers

Rendang — Beef Curry

Tumpeng — Rice with vegetables and meat as side dish

Binte Biluhuta — Corn Soup

Martabak — Roti like stuffed and pan fried bread

  1. Devil’s Tears Bay

Witness the majesty of Ocean.

Head to Nusa Lombongan to see the tide and spray from the cave in the cliff.

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