Chennai Hotels

Chennai is the southern metropolitan city and is a hub of tamilians associates and laureates. The city is full of its historical and natural beauty.

If you are in Chennai, you can easily access anything at an affordable rate.

Here are few cheap and best kitchens of Chennai that serves you excellent food.

  1. Andhra Mess
  • Amazing place to have unlimited thali in just Rs 60.
  • It can add up your taste buds with its varied lunch items.
  1. Royal Sandwich
  • Wide varieties of sandwich.
  • Golden choice to have in just 25-55 rupees.
  1. Karthik Tiffin Center
  • You can have south Indian meals “Kadai” over there only in Rs.25-60
  1. Woss
  • All that you want in Subways without fear of price, go to Woss.
  • Small Kiosk with much better Indian flavor; you can make your taste buds rest upon in just 50-100.
  1. Rotiwala
  • North Indian craving for cheap and hygienic parathas, lassi and chat items can be found over here in just 30-70 rupees.
  1. Rasoee
  • Abundance of North Indian and Chinese dishes that can be found at extremely cheaper rate.
  1. Amma Unavagam
  • It is an initiative of Jayalalita to provide cheap and decent food to all.
  • You can get authentic south Indian mean here in just 5-20 rupees.
  1. Murugan Idli Shop
  • Spice up your taste buds with some delicious, soft idlies and sambar in an authentic tamilian style in just 25-40.
  • Amazing shop for morning breakfast.





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