Greenland-A place of must visit

Greenland, though lying between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, towards Canadian Arctic Archipelago is under the kingdom of Denmark.

It is the largest island in the world and majority of it is covered with white ice sheets permanently.

If you are on a European visa and is currently in the state of Denmark; you can enjoy these things very easily in Denmark.

  1. Aurora Borealis
  • You can enjoy the Northern Lights from early Autumn through all April
  • it looks like dead playing football with a skull of a walrus
  • It is very amazing with its dazzling glow.
  1. Dog Sledding
  • also known as Mushing
  • it’s an old and traditional way of travelling in the snow.
  • you will have an unforgettable experience with those adorable and hard working dogs
  • it will be a thrilling experience in the gorgeous environment
  • beware of going in the area where ice is too thin.
  1. Kayaking
  • dramatic shoreline with its icebergs, northern settlements, whales, seals and birds provides a great site for kayaking here in Greenland
  • a truly authentic experience with its great view.
  1. Blue River
  • one of the most significant and gorgeous natural wonders of this island
  • it’s a crystal clear turquoise river which looks like vein dissecting in the frozen desert
  • its shape changes every year and thereby attracts explorers, scientists and tourists
  • enjoy Kayaing here in this river.
  1. Ilulissat Icefjord
  • consists of thousands of icebergs that together form Greenland
  • form a feature that looks like ship from nearby
  • one of the UNESCO World Heritage site
  • this icesheet moves 40m daily
  • you can visit this natural wonder via plane, helicopter and fery

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