Things to do in Shimla

Shimla, once the summer capital of British kingdom is now one of the honeymoon destinations of the country.

Lying in the valley of Himachal ranges, this city is an year round destination. Perfect place to visit the city is around march-june.

Here are top things to do if you are in Shimla

  1. Toy Train ride
  • passing through the green hills of Kalka, this is one of the best thing to do in Shimla
  • paints a tranquil picture along the mountain ranges
  • if you are watching the other end of the train from your window, the train moves like a snake on the curved tracks
  1. Shopping on Lakkar Bazar
  • this bazaar is a different sight when the sun reaches the horizon
  • you can get the finest wooden artefacts
  • also you can buy the winter wears at a very cheap rate over here
  • one of the best place to pick souvenir and little gifts for your loved ones
  1. Ice Skating
  • open air ice skating rink is one of the peak thing to do in winters here
  • an amazing experience which attracts people around the world
  • thickly forested hillside keeps it shaded and the low temperature in winter prevents it from melting
  1. Rafting at Tattapani
  • heaven for adventure lovers
  • popular for its natural hot water springs, lush green valleys
  • one of the finest rafting experience that attracts tourists every year
  • people go there to rejuvenate their soul
  1. Pine Forests
  • owing to its beauty, these nature walks are the best for the newlywed couples here in Shimla
  • Do enjoy the sunset here.

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