Top food for Vitamin E

Vitamin E is mainly used to regulate the hormones of skin. Many a times it is primarily used in cosmetics and sometimes for the scientific products.

It is helpful in moisturizing your skin and healing wound. It also prevents form the coronary heart diseases and support the immune functions, prevent inflammation, promote eye health and lowers the risk of cancer.

Here are few foods items that are rich in Vitamin E:

  1. Almonds

100 grams of almond contains 26mg of vitamin


  1. Sunflower seeds

100 grams of sunflower seeds contains 35mg of vitamin


  1. Wheat Germ Oil

100 grams of wheat germ oil contains 149 mg of vitamin


  1. Hazelnut Oil

100 grams of hazelnut oil consists of 2.1mg of vitamin


  1. Hazelnut

100 grams of hazelnut contains 15mg of vitamin


  1. Pine Nuts

100 grams of pine nuts contains 9.3mg of vitamin


  1. Peanuts

100 grams of peanuts contain 8.3mg of vitamin


  1. Salmon fish

100 grams of salmon fish contain 1.1mg of vitamin


  1. Avocado

100 grams of avocados contain 2.1 mg of vitamin


  1. Brazil Nuts

100 grams of brazil nuts contains 5.7 mg of vitamin.

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