Things to do in Mysore

The southwest city of Karnataka, which was once used to be the capital of Kingdom of Mysore.

The city still holds the memories of Tipu Sultan and many other warriors

It will be a great experience to view these things if you are in this royal city of Mysore

  1. Maysore Palace-Admire The Grandeur
  • known as Ambavilas Palace
  • has Indo-Saracenic architecture along with its imperial interiors
  • the palace is a shining example of royalty
  1. Chamundeshwari Temple
  • situated on the Chamundi hills, this temple is the crown of the city
  • even if you are not religious, make sure to visit this place to see the architecture
  • you can impeccably view the fierce form of Goddess Durga which is worth inspiring
  1. Brindavan Gardens
  • ideal place for families, friends and couples
  • this garden is full of tourists throughout the year
  • you can enjoy the gorgeous flora and admire the fountains over here
  1. Maysore Zoo
  • from bears to jaguars, you can spot each and every animal in this famous zoo
  • you can taste the thrill of this calm wildlife enthusiast here
  • one of the best tourist attraction
  1. Philomena’s Cathedral
  • built in 1956, this church is one of the largest churches of India
  • designed in Gothic architecture, this church is damn beautiful in the evening
  • an ultimate tourist destination

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