Things to do in Satara

Satara is a small town with plenty of natural beauties in the state of Maharashtra.

It is also believed to be the home town of forts and temples.

If you are in Satara, do visit these places

  1. Kas Pathar
  • a vast volcanic lateritic plateau
  • falls under the Sahyadri cluster
  • a famous tourist attraction which lies at an altitude of 1200m
  • the area comes under high rainfall zone and due to this the zone has unique flora and fauna
  1. Thoseghar Falls
  • one of the top and highest waterfalls of Maharastra
  • major tourist attraction during monsoon
  • waterfall drops through a series of cascades with a total height of about 500m and forms deep gorge
  • place is very calm and serene
  1. Vajrai Falls
  • a picturesque waterfall of the area
  • is a three tier waterfall cascading down from a height of 853 feet
  • a perennial waterfall which gives birth to river Urmodi
  • you can find many small caves nearby
  • an excellent trekking destination
  1. Sajjangad
  • also known as Aashwalayangad and was built by Bahamani emperors
  • final resting place of Smrat Ramdas
  • you can find his teachings and works here
  • the fort has 2main gates and is located at an altitude of 914m
  • also has 2 lakes, a Lord Ram ,Hanuman and Anglai Devi temple and a tomb of Swami Samrath Ramdas
  • you will have to climb 300 steps to reach the top of this hill
  1. Natraj Mandir
  • also known as Uttara Chidambaram temple
  • located on the NH4 which connects Satara and Solhapur
  • dedicated to Lord Shiva in his tandava form
  • a replica of Sri Natraj Temple of Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu but much smaller in size

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