Things to do in Vijayawada

Vijayawada, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh is the southern city of Andhra Pradesh and is famous for its rich historical significance and its temples and caves.

It is always bustled with thousands of tourists and is blessed with rich natural flora and fauna.

Visit Vijayawada and rejuvenate yourself with the warm welcome from the city.

Here are few things which you should definitely enjoy if you are in Vijayawada

  1. Undavalli Caves
  • most magnificent and largest among them all
  • has an amazing engineering style and is believed to be built in 7-8th Century AD
  • it has 4 floors and these rock temples have numerous sculptures and murals
  • dedicated to Buddhism and Hinduism
  1. Kanak Durga Temple
  • world famous Hindu temple, located on the Indrakeeladri Hills on the bank of River Krishna
  • temple has important place in hindu scriptures of Siva-leelas and Shakti-Mahimas
  • referred to the diety Swayambhu’ which means self-manifested/powerful
  1. Kondapalli Fort
  • believed to be built as a center of entertainment and recreation, along with business and trade
  • main entrance of this fort has been carved out of single boulder of granite called Dargah Darwaja
  • you can find inside reservoirs, the Golconda Darwaza, Dargah of Gareeb Saheeb, the Tanisha Mahal and many others
  • also you will love to enjoy the Kondapalli Toy here
  1. Gunadala Math Shrine
  • also known as St Mary’s Church
  • constructed on a hilly region called Gunadala
  • you can find Iron cross erected on a hill that makes it stand out among other shrines
  • an annual feast of Our Lady of Lourdes held here and attracts thousands of tourists and devotees here
  • also there is a museum inside the church
  1. Prakasam Barrage
  • built across the river Krishna
  • very imposing in appearance and attracts many tourists here
  • largest barrage in Asia
  • it is also a road bridge which was built in 1855 which crisscrossed three canals
  • the barrage is responsible for transforming the Krishna Delta into a very fertile area and major grain producing area of the state.

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