Things to do in Bhubaneswar

An ancient city known since the time of Lord Ashoka, Bhubaneshwar is known for its temples and dotted cultures.

The city is also known as the ‘Temple City’.

Today we will explore the best things in Bhubaneshwar

So here we go!

  1. Lingraj Temple
  • dedicated to lord Shiva, a masterpiece and culmination of revolution in temple architecture
  • main temple is 54m high and is surrounded by dozens of small temples
  • the granite block represents the lord and is bathed daily in milk, water and bhang
  1. Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves
  • you will get an insight to the Kalinga empire and jain religion
  • their names are derived from the hills on which they are situated
  • chiseled out for the jain ascetics in the 1st century
  • ASI has enumerated the caves according to its sculptures
  1. Rajarani Temple
  • constructed around 1100
  • also known as Love temple
  • name of the temple is derived from the wonderful red and gold sandstone which is locally known as Rajarani
  • most unique feature of this temple is the absence of presiding deity
  • you will find many intricate and beautiful carving of nymphs and erotic scenes of women and couples
  1. Tribal Museum
  • one of the best place to learn about the tribal communities of Odisha
  • houses 2247 artifacts and displays a rich collection of tribal instruments, dresses, weapons, jewellery, textiles
  1. Dhauli Giri
  • a Buddhist structure jointly by Japan Buddha Sangh and the Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangh
  • the stupa has a mushroom like dome and is decorated with stone panels with elephant procession, bodhi tree and the footprints of Buddha bearing the chakra
  • also has a display of Emperor Ashoka renouncing war by offering his sword to Buddha at Dhuli Giri



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