Sarees and its types

A saree is a women wrap which is almost 5-6m in length. They have been the primary women wear in our Indian subcontinent since ages. They have normally wrapped around the waist and the upper part of the body is covered with blouse/choli.

The history of saree can be traced back to the Indus valley civilization where people cultivated cotton and dyes to prepare saree.

With the growth of civilization, and our culture; there have been different types of sarees involved.

I will give you a brief tour of different types of sareees in India.

  1. Benarasi Saree

They are particularly made in Varanasi and gold and silver zari work is done on the silk clothes. Special motif architecture is very common for these sarees. They are among the finest sarees in India.


  1. Tant Saree

They are traditional Bengali style saree and are woven with cotton and jute materials. They are one of the comfortable sarees in India.


  1. Chanderi Saree

They are produced from pure silk or cotton with gold and silver brocades work in a small town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh.


  1. Sambalpuri Saree

Traditional handloom saree produced in Sambalpur (Odisha).


  1. Kasta Saree

They are traditional Marathi style sareee and are also referred to as Nauvari. A single saree is nine yard long and is worn like Maharastrian dhoti.


  1. Bandhani Saree

A tie dye textile and highly decorated Bandhan from Jaipur is very famous and highly in demand during festivals and wedding seasons.


  1. Patola Saree

Double ikat sari made up of silk in Patan of Gujarat.


  1. Kanjeevaram Saree

They are made up of pure mulberry silk thread in the Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu. They have been given the GI tag by the Government of India.


  1. Paithani Saree

They are made up if very fine silk in Paithan town in Aurangabad.


  1. Chickenkari Saree

A traditional embroidery style from Lucknow and one of the best known textile decoration style with jail and motif work.

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