Mahabaleshwar- Wettest place in the country now

Mahabaleshwar records 6031mm rainfall and is now the wettest place in India after Cherapunji. Over 200mm rainfall in just 24hrs is the situation of the city in last 8 days,

This city is located in the lap of Western Ghats at an altitude of 1353m from the sea level. This evergreen beautiful city is the source of many rivers like Krishna and is also known for its fresh berries cultivation.

Once the rain stops and the situation gets normal do plan a visit to these places in Mahabaleshwar. You will surely feel like heaven over there.

  1. Elephant’s Head Point
  • Famous for its beauty and peace
  • Greenery around the place will astonish you.
  • Rocks are in the shape of elephant’s trunk
  • You must visit out the place once.
  1. Dhobi Waterfall
  • It connects Lodwick and Elphinston point and joins Petit road with old Mahabaleshwar road.
  • Rocks and greenery will capture you in its lap
  1. Veena Lake
  • An artificial lake is one of the stunning masterpieces of mankind
  • You can enjoy the colorful boat ride or ‘Shikara’ over there.
  • You can also go on horse ride near the lake.
  • Many 90’s bollywood movies are shooted over this place.


  1. Prataphgarh Fort
  • 24kms away from Mahabaleshwar, the place marks of Maratha’s struggle.
  • You can find elegant ponds, chambers, walkways and many more thrilling places.
  • Also known as lover’s point.
  1. Mapro Garden
  • Do not forget to enjoy the strawberry farms over there.
  • This place is famous for its delicious food and drinks of various worldwide.
  • Special one is its strawberry ice creams, jams, jellies, syrups, chocolates, mocktails and many more.
  • Do try their tantalizing preparation of strawberries with ice-cream.


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