Navratri Special Healthy food

Navratri is one of most significant festivals of India. An essential part of it is fasting.

Devotes avoid eating cereals, grains, non vegetarian food and alcohols this time.

Pseudo grains like sabudana, makhana, buckwheat is consumed .

Here are few food items that are nutritious and provides energy to your body.


  1. Kuttu Aata (Buckwheat) dosa with mint chutney
  • Quick and perfect Navratri meal
  • Prepare the batter with kuttu aata and water along with a pinch of rock salt and black pepper.
  • Put the batter on the non stick pan just like normal dosa.
  • It is helpful in weight loss as it has very less calories than deep fried kuttu puris and parathas.


  1. Zucchini Pasta
  • Low in carbs and perfect for weight loss
  • Spirilize them and add some olive oil, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach along with rock salt and black pepper.
  • Enjoy it during Navratri than your normal stuffs like kuttuand sabudana


  1. Sabudana Aalo tikki
  • Rich in protein and fibers
  • Soak the sabudana for almost 3-4 hours
  • Sauté it with baby tomatoes, boiled potatoes, jeera powder, rock salt and peanuts.
  • Prepare small small tikkis and deep fry it in oil/ghee
  • Full of carbs that provides energy to your body.


  1. Pumpkin cutlet
  • peel off the skin of pumpkin and cut it into pieces.
  • Cook it in the pressure cooker to make it smashy and soft. Add some kuttu aata flour, rock salt and jeera.
  • Prepare it into small small cutlets shape and fry it in oil/ghee
  • Perfect addition to flavor your navratri vrat food
  • Also provides energy


  1. Singhada Puri
  • Mash some bananas and add singhada aata, rock salt, oil and jeera.
  • Mix the dough and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Prepare small small puris and fry it in oil/ghees.
  • Rich in iron, minerals, carbs, fat.
  • Provides enough energy to the body.

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