House Design in Hilly Areas  

Are you interested in building your own home at any hill station?

You have to beware of the topography, climate and geological challenges.

Taking up new projects in the hills will force you to consider slightly different temperament.

Here are few tips and checks to ensure all your security checks to such terrains

  1. Select the site properly. Be sure whether the location is vulnerable to any disaster or natural calamities such as landslides,earthquakes,cloudbursts etc.. Do investigate the site’s past history as well. You should not construct any residential buildings on the steeper slopers more than 25 degrees.


  1. Though wood has been one of the prime building materials, you can use reinforced concrete (RC) constructions nowadays.



  1. Foundation should be strong while the building over the ground level should be light. You can prefer the usage of light steel structures or a hybrid structures.


  1. The interiors should be constructed with woods and should be sealed properly so that cold winters should be avoided.



  1. Luxury enmities should be adjusted inside only such as amusement, pools, living areas so that the hilly terrains out effect should be avoided.

Shikha Aakash

Shikha is an decorated Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience in the tech industry. She is also a part-time IAS aspirant trying fighting to fulfill her dreams. Her preparation efforts make her a keen observer and a clear thinker. She uses her columns usually to express her opinions about her observations of the world and raises important questions.

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