Colorful Bangles Set

Bangles are the symbol of happiness and prosperity. With lots of colors and styles, a bunch of bangles can amp up your ethnic style game.

With the festivals coming in, I have listed down few stunning bangles for you.

  1. Zulka Glossy Kundan Pattern
  • Gives a stylish affair
  • With the Kundan stones engraved in it, it will give you an ethnic style.
  1. You Bella Traditional Thread Work Bangles
  • Made up of metal and threads
  • Can notch up your festive look.
  • Stones are also embellished into it.
  1. NMII Glossy Multicoloured Bangles set
  • Glossy and non breakable bangles
  • Vibrant finish up.
  • Features up with a range of colors
  • Can be wore in any function
  1. NMII Multicoloured Glass Bangles
  • Works as a neutral hues
  • Colorful and made up of glass.
  • Also contain floral patterns.
  1. Ratnavali Jewels Stone Studded Bangles
  • Gives a trendy look
  • Perfect for any occasion.
  • Made up of America Diamond studded on Gold platted traditional Ruby Red CZ.



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