Shopping Hub in India

Shopping is something you need to do out of need as well as out of choice. Street markets are a perfect blend of everything required by an Indian household, moreover at a lower price than the malls.

 Infact they are more vibrant and iconic.

Let us have a look into the most colorful and incredible streets of India.

  1. Sarojini Market, Delhi

Popularly known as Mecca for bargain hunters.

Famous for every latest trend at unbelievable price.

You can get cheap designer clothes as well as reputable brands.


  1. New Market, Kolkata

Hub of around 2000 stalls; it is one of the oldest Indian street market.

You can get everything; from grocery to jewelry and apparals, electronics and many more for all class of people.

This market still has a colonial architectural structure.

It is famous for its Bengali cotton saris.


  1. Fashion street, Mumbai

Place to get the best collection of all the trendy clothing,accessories and lip-smacking street food.

A perfect place for planned and impulsive shoppers.

It is ideal place for shopping wherein you could get everything like dresses, electronics, accessories and many more.


  1. Laad Bazar, Hyderabad

Laad Bazar is famous for Hyderabadi Pearls and semi precious jewelries.

Besies jewelries you can buy Hyderabadi Khara Dupatta, antiques and other electronics.

Hyderabadi Nizam sandles are also famous in this street.

This place is a hub of excellent street food; specially dum biryani.


  1. Godvalia Market, Varanasi

Varanasi is known for its silk sarees with Gold and Silver embroidery.

This Godvalia street has few oldest Benarasi sarees shops.

Apart from that, you can also get one of the finest silk scarves,kurtas,jewelries, handicrafts and other antiques.


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