London Bridge is falling down!!

Built over 120 years ago to ease  the road traffic while maintaining river access to the busy London docks, the Tower Bridge of  London is one of the most iconic spot joining London and Southwark.

Situated on the bank of River Thames, London Bridge is easy to view cobbled street, winding alleys and river banks.

Visitors can experience the glass floor and spectacular panoramic views from the high level  Walk ways and can appreciate the defining landmark of London. The panoramic high level Walkways and the Majestic Victorian Engine Rooms are available for private evening hire. While the North Tower Lounge is available for smaller daytime functions.

Here you can get to know the history of  British empire, Roman invasion, Great Fire of London and the brutal murders of Jack the Ripper. You can explore HMS Belfast; the legendary battleship of 2nd world war and the Korean War. You will find historical ships in the area; the Elizabethan Galleon Ship which is a living history museum offering insight into what it was like to sail the mighty sea of 16th Century.

A must visit to the fascinating collection of medical supplies, surgical equipments and unique operating table in the London Museum.

The bridge is totally free to walk across but you also coincide your time of walk with the lifting of the drawbridge by paying some amount.

Access to the Sky Bridge and exhibition is limited to those who pay for it according to the service hours.


Summer Opening time



Winter Opening Time


9.30am – 5pm


Although you can visit this place year round; it can get pretty crowded during popular seasons. In particular you can visit this place during summer; which is most populous.

The bridge opens and closes approximately 1000 times per year and 3 times a day. It takes approximate 1 minute to open and 1 minute to close plus time for the vessel to pass through.

You can enhance your visit at the time of vessel passage.

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