Vector Born Diseases

Living Organisms that can transmit infectious diseases between humans or from animals to humans through bloodsucking, injecting etc. are vectors and the diseases is known as vector born diseases. They account for 17% of the infections worldwide. They are spread due to climate change such as habitat destruction, land use, pesticide application and host density. Many times poor living conditions or disasters also results in the spread of this diseases. Mosquitoes are the most known vectors.

Flies, Ticks, bugs and snails carrying parasites are also responsible for these diseases.

Here are few potential places where diseases vectors exists

  1. Ridges containing stagnant water
  2. Rodent burrows and dark places
  3. Stagnant water drained by the air-conditioner, roofs, poor ventilation, utensils.
  4. Rainwater rafts
  5. Pools, marshes and animal pens
  6. Unclean beds, agrarian places
  7. Open sewages
  8. Open defections
  9. Dark places
  10. Unclean toilet seats

We should take following precautions against this diseases-vector

  1. Do fill ponds, marshes and sewages. Do not let them pile up.
  2. Use proper insecticides and pesticides on timely basis.
  3. Use mosquitos’ nets/ replants.
  4. Keep the water tank covered.
  5. Use proper toilet for defection and clean it timely.
  6. Clean your surroundings.
  7. Maintain personal hygiene
  8. Avoid water stagnation
  9. Avoid travelling to the countries where these diseases are spread hugely
  10. Keep providing cleanliness knowledge to others.

Shikha Aakash

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