Trip to Tirupati Balaji

The name in itself carries the huge strength of Lord Venkatesh. Situated in the Chittoor district; this place is one of the most famous pilgrimage of the world. The temple is located on the Trinumala hills of Seshachalam range.

Once you are in the ranges; you can experience the rush, nonstop chanting for the temple of seven hills.

The lord over here is the wealthiest lord and the temple is the richest temple in the world. People offer bags of Gold and other valuables to the Lord over here.

The Lord Venketeshwar here is 8-foot tall and is adorned with gold, diamond, sandal and flowers. Along with Lord Venketesh; there is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Sri Kalahasti Temple. The temple is made up of Chola and Vijayanagara style.

The Tirupati Laddos used as prasadam here is having GI tag and it is made up of only ghee, besan and nuts. Not only the laddos; the south Indian mess over here is also very authentic and delicious. You must try daddojanam (curd rice), puliohara(tamrind rice), vada and chakkera-pongali, miryala-pongali, appam, payasam, jilebi, muruku, dosa, seera, malhora.

In case if you are planning for its visit, you should book your trip at least a month in advance. Almost around 60000 pilgrims visit this place every day.

The temple is being managed and run by the TTD and it reflects the ancient architecture of various dynasties like Chola, Pandayas, Vijanagara. The Garbagrih is not official to common public.

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