A guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen- the capital of Denmark is known for its harbor and place of commerce.

Known for its history; Copenhagen believes in its culture and trust on its people.

Let us explore some of the best ever places in Copenhagen —

  1. Little Mermaid Statue
  • One of the most famous landmarks of the city and it resides next to Langelinie promenade.
  • It has been created as a tribute to the author Hans Christian Andersen. (Eponymous fairytale)
  1. Nyhavn
  • New Harbour; famous for its mooring of old wooden ships.
  • You will find tall painted colorful house on both the sides of the canal and these will have house bars, restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating.
  1. Nationalmuseet
  • The National Museum of Copenhagen is a remarkable wealth of artifacts.
  • It will give you a tour to the history of Denmark right from the Bronge Age.
  • You will find a bronze statue of horse pulling a gold disc which represents sun.
  • Danish still believe in power of Sun God.
  1. David Collections
  • You can get to see the personal art collection of C.L.David; a Danish businessman who has donated both the building, former home and his art pieces.
  • His art and paintings exhibits the Golden age of Europe of 17th and 18th
  1. Tivoli Gardens
  • It has a romantic representation of the Orient.
  • World’s oldest theme park.
  • A special mention is the Star Flyer, a carousel; hike riders up 80mm above the ground.


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