Trip to Kolkata

Kolkata; the former capital of India during British era has evolved from its grand culture. The city where women are given utmost respect and each woman is considered as Durga is very famous for its sweets.

You can still find typical Indian culture in the heart of the city.

In case if you are planning for a visit to this place, do not forget to haunt these places

  1. Victoria Memorial Palace

Once the palace of Queen Victoria, this monument was got established in Indo-Saracenic Architecture Style.

This Italian style architecture is now converted into museum and is a perfect tourist destination.

  1. Dakshineswar and Kalighat Temple

Most prominent Hindu temple of Goddess Kali.

Visiting these temples will give holiness to your body and soul.

It is said that Goddess Kali herself resides in the Dakhineswar temple and Kalighat temple is one of 51 shakti peeth for goddess Kali.

  1. Science City

Eco friendly and easily accessible place.

It is famous for its largest science center in the Indian subcontinent and displays the knowledge and experiments of science there.

  1. Howrah Bridge

Connecting the city of Kolkata and Howrah, this bridge is itself is a wonder of science and engineering. It is not constructed on pillars; rather it is a hanging one.

Do try to visit Howrah Bridge at night or early in the morning. It will be the most exciting and unforgettable experience in itself.

The Shikara down the Howrah is one of the most romantic for couples

  1. Eden Garden

One of the most iconic cricket stadium in the world, built in 1864.

It is still the largest occupying cricket stadium in the world and is a very famous destination for snapshot the panorama.

Although a cricket stadium, it sometimes hosts football match too.

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