Top places to visit Europe  

Weather you look forward to a city break, a romantic gateways, a family or beach holiday, a cultural trip or a solo trip or with friends, trust me the first continent that will come to your mind is Europe. You can discover many such places about which you would have heard/read in your fairytales. Here are few amazing places and I will take a walkthrough of it to make you travel more and spend less.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

Capital of Hungary, Budapest is stunning with a rich architectural and historical heritage. You can find the advantages of thermal waters and world heritage sights. Budapest offers the elegance of Paris, the architecture of Vienna, the charm of Porto and Stockholm’s gentle way of life. Plan your trip and save your Instagram account when you are in Budapest.


  1. Mote Isola, Italy

Located on Lake Iseo, Mote Isola offers the best of Lombardy in few square kms. This great mountain emerging in the middle of a beautiful lake is paradise on earth. Cars are totaly banned at this place, still the place seduces travelers from all over the world. You can find local crafts, fishing nets, local produces such as Salame, fish in oil, wild asparagus, extra virgin olive oil, sun dried sardines, fresh tomatoes, arugula or chubs and perches.


  1. Metz, France

One of the trendiest destinations and a place to go for young designers, investors, start-ups; Metz is a small town for break in France. It’s a combination of lively shopping streets and riverside walks makes it an amazing place for amusement.  There are lots of cafes, bars and the city is full of night life.


  1. Geneva, Switzerland

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations; Geneva is a perfect city break, shopping and cultural hub and provides amazing natural beauty. The city is covered from shore of the biggest lake; to the highest continents peak, Mont-Blanc. You will feel like skiing in the morning , shopping in the afternoon, enjoying the vineyard of the countryside in the evening and finally buzzing the dinner in few top restaurants of the world.


  1. Dinant, Belgium

Queen of Insta, a vibrant sparkling destination; Dinant is located in the south of Belgium.

Visit its Collegiate Church, get to the top of Dinnant by funicular and discover the citadel, a fortress that offers magnificent views of the River Meuse and one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe. Do not miss the “Leffe Blond”; the famous beer brewed over here by the monks. Walk through the doors of Bakery and buy “Couque de Dinant”, one of the most famous incredible honey cookies of this place.

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