Things to do in Singapore

The island city-state off the south Malaysia, is a global financial capital with its multicultural population.

It may be expensive but one of the cleanest, best planned and one of the most entertaining city.

If you are planning a trip to Singapore, do enjoy these places.

  1. Kampong Glam
  • devoted to Muslims with its unconventional modern art and traditional Arab crafts
  • one of the excellent selfie center with its religious importance
  • do enjoy Swiss roll from the famous Rich & God Cake shop
  1. The Intan
  • a private home which has one Singapore’s most impressive collections of Peranakan artifacts
  • one of the most notable among this is kasot manek and enamel tiffin carriers that are hand painted in delicate floral pattern
  1. Paulau Ubin
  • an island once known for its granite quarries
  • now it’s a land of around 50people who stay there in their old way of life
  • this is the center of attraction of the city
  • a 10 minute ride on the chugging bumboat from Changi Point Ferry will take you to this place
  1. Merlion Park
  • a home to 28foot Merlion statue, a half fish, half lion stone craving that shoots water into the bay
  • fish here is a symbol to Singapore’s beginning as a fishing village while the lionhea is a nod to the Singapura which means “Lion City” in Malay
  • one of the most iconic tourist attraction center.
  1. Marina Bay Sands
  • this place is for those who have cash to splash
  • you can enjoy everything here, right from a meal at a Michelin starred restaurant to view from the Sky Park
  • few iconic buildings resides here such as massive Moshe Safdie-designed mall, casino, convention center and hotels
  • Do not forget to visit the ArtScience Museum here

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