Things to do in Nagpur

Largest central city of Maharashtra which depicts its fossils and sarcophagi and Mughal weapons is none other than Nagpur.

The city of Nagpur is also famous for its oranges and proves to be the hustling winter capital of Maharashtra.

If you are in Nagpur, here are few places to visit

  1. Deeksha Bhoomi
  • one of the most peaceful place
  • monument with huge whitewashed done and largest stupa in Asia
  • erected in memory of Dr. Ambedkar
  • embraces Buddhism and is having a huge bronze statue of Buddha with the sacred tree here
  1. Ambazari Lake and Gardens
  • Nagpur is known as city of lakes
  • Ambazari is one of them
  • major tourist attractions
  • one of the most romantic and peaceful places
  • gardens are adjacent to the lakes in around 25 acres of lands with its cherry top
  1. Futala Lake
  • spread across 60 acres this lake has historic resemblance
  • colorful fountains, halogen lights and carriage ride will definitely attract you
  • open space is available for the outdoor opportunities
  1. Gorewada Lake
  • this lake along with its dam are a known picnic spots
  • main source of water supply to the city of Nagpur
  • has magnificent lush green grasses and landscape
  • attracts the birds from different part of the globe
  1. Vidarbha Cricket Association
  • newly created cricket stadium here
  • witness the legendary cricketers here
  • largest stadium in terms of its fields , in India

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