How to match your shoes to your outfit

With a good pair of shoes you can dress almost for every occasion.

There are endless styles and colors of footwear to choose from and here is the guide that will teach you how to select your shoes to wear with your outfit according to the occasion.

  1. Choose your shoes that match to your clothes.


  1. Wear simple black heels or flats with bold and bright patterns.


  1. Neutral/Nude heels or flats are suitable for sparkling evening.


  1. Do not wear strict color matching shoes.


  1. Standard colors like black, brown or grey are suitable for cooperate professional attire.


  1. Try out Retro kicks with casual outfits.


  1. Choose correct cuff trousers to balance the width with the size of your sneakers. Chunky sneakers go well with straight leg trousers.


  1. Match proper sneakers with proper socks. For example Sneakers boots will go well with thick knitted socks.


  1. Any multicolored attire can be matched properly with block colors.


  1. Keep your shoes polished neutrally. They will give good shine to your feet as well as dress.

Shikha Aakash

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