Things to do in Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar ; the capital of Gujarat is a planned city in the western part of India. It has several scenic and peaceful beauty to experience. The city is named after our father of nation.

Here are top things to do if you are in Gandhinagar

  1. Visit Akshardham Temple
  • specimen of the finest Indian architecture and craftsmanship
  • dedicated to lord Swaminarayan, it is one of the most prominent temple in Gujarat.
  • this temple is the center of ancient hindu wisdom, education for all, exquisite architecture and research.
  • it is constructed in pink sandstone with a beautiful garden called Sahajanand Van, which has herbal garden, lake, waterfall etc,
  • the diety is 7 foot tall here
  1. Marvel at Adalaj Step Well
  • the ancient well constructed in 1499 by Queen Rudabai is an iconic architecture brilliance, excellent craftsmanship
  • it is also used as cultural and spiritual sanctuary
  • this Indo-Islamic style of architecture has a wonderful intricate ornamentation of mythological theme on walls
  • sunlight enters here through ceiling but do not touch the steps or landing
  1. Stroll of the Capital Complex
  • it is one of the most impressive building of the city and houses several government buildings
  • an example of modernity and architectural brilliance along with technical expertise, the awe inspiring beauty
  • Sardar Bhawan and Narmada Bhawan are the most important buildings to check out here
  1. Enjoy Mahudi Jain Temple
  • One of the important pilgrim of Jains throughout the world
  • dating 2000 years back, the idols and artistic remains are totally based on Brahmi script
  • the temple has idol of Ghanta Karna Mahavir carrying bow and arrow and is situated at the height of 30 feet above the ground
  • Do not miss it out as it is counted among the holy temples of Gujarat
  1. Sarita Udyan
  • lush garden of Gandhinagar, known for its natural beauty
  • also known as health lungs of the city, enhances the beauty of the place
  • one of the perfect picnic spot for tourists and people over there.

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