Stylish Sling Bags

Bored of your totes and clutches??

Here are better collections of your sling bags, which is far from perfect!! They are one few items which should be there in your closets for casual occasions.

Here are some of the end of season collections of Sling bags which ranges at up to 75%off.

Have a look!!

  1. Van Heusen Sling Bag
  • excellent red sling bag
  • with rectangular synthetic red and fold over designs
  • has gold chain strap and 2 compartments and 2 pockets

  1. Caprese Lucille Sling Bag
  • brilliant white sling bag
  • with faux leather white envelope style
  • has a black sling strap and multi-colored floral print

  1. Fancyku Unicorn Crossbody Bag
  • glittery unicorn cross body purse
  • has cute cartoon with sequin pattern
  • superb for teen girls
  • also has golden horn on the top

  1. Isle Locada by Hidesign
  • supreme leather white sling bag
  • has black rectangular textured design
  • has 1 compartment with zip closure and a chain strap

  1. Baggit Smoke Sling Bag
  • brilliant smoke collection
  • has brown toned synthetic bag in a circular shape with pink piping around it.


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