Gift Ideas these festive season

The Winter harvest festival, Lohri brings with itself rich tradition, dance around the bonfire and plenty of delicious eats like gajjak.

Along with the rituals, people spend time on visiting family and friends.

To sparkle among your relatives and friends, here are some of the gift ideas for Lohri

Have a look:

  1. Ananth Crafts Wall Clock
  • amazing white circular wall clock with glass cover
  • design of parrot embedded on it
  • they all are hand painted with natural colors by Pata Chitra folk artists of West Bengal

  1. Chocoholik
  • amazing gifts for your modern host
  • comes in sturdy box with a Lohri greeting on the top
  • contains 9 luxury Belgium chocolates

  1. Yoursy Coffee Mug
  • it will definitely remind of your friends and their festive mood
  • this white ceramic mug has Lohri design with sweets and drum on it

  1. SG Musical Dholki
  • lends a traditional touch
  • makes you a dancing underway without even a bonfire
  • it is made up of dried shisham wood and nickel bolts
  • it is very easy to tune

  1. Indian Handicraft Figurines
  • set of 5 poly resin sculptures
  • has various poses of bhangra dance embedded on in
  • they all are handmade paints



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