Premium Chocolates

If you are a sweet lover and you crave for sweets post lunch; do keep these chocolates with you to satisfy your sweetener flavor.

And the best part is you can enjoy your sweet treat without hurting your wallet.

  1. Lindt Excellence Intense Orange Chocolate
  • excellent orange flavor
  • with 2 bars of dark chocolate
  • along with pieces of orange and almond silvers

  1. Chocholik Dark Almond Rocks
  • brilliant Belgium dark Almond Rock
  • comes in a box of luxury chocolate
  • has almonds inside


  1. Snickers Almond Chocolate
  • wonderful almond filled chocolate
  • comes in a pack of 32 bars made up of almonds
  • has a chocolate layer within

  1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Combo
  • comes in different flavor silk Silk Oreo Red Velvet, Silk Oreo, Silk Plain
  • excellent milk and chocolate combination


  1. Ferrero Rocher
  • 16 pieces of chocolate box
  • made up of hazelnut,rice crispies and wafers in gold paper.



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