Impact of high salt diet

Salt, Sugar and Maida- considered as white poison!!

Health experts always mention to cut down the high salt intake along with sugar intake.

This has a very negative impact on the body.

Recent research have shown that high salt intake diet can cause deficiency of compound of nitric oxide, which is very important for the vascular health in the brain and can results into dementia.

Your cholesterol level, blood pressure level will go high and can put you at high risk for numerous diseases.

Here are some of the health impacts of salt diet


  1. It results in high blood pressure level.


  1. high sodium present in salt can result into hypertension.



  1. do not eat salt more than 5gms a day. This will start blockage in your heart cells.


  1. it results into water retentions.



  1. it causes heart diseases.


  1. Do not eat canned food as it contains high amount of salt and results in the inactive vascular musles.

Shikha Aakash

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