Top 5 men’s watch brand

A watch is the indication of your status as well as a timepiece.

It denotes how luxury you are. So before evaluating top options, you must consider its construction quality, style and complications, features, appearance brand and price.

Here I have listed down top 5 watch brands that will groom up your style and will make your look impressive.

  1. Cartier-18K Rose Gold and Diamond
  • A French brand, which choose to manufacture watches in Switzerland.
  • Dominate the luxury brand
  • Designed with a rectangular case and face with 18carat rose gold and diamond bezel.
  • Gold and diamond frame is offset by face and a blue watch arm mechanism.
  • Water resistant to 100feet.
  1. Audemars Piguet
  • This watch is favorite of the rap elite
  • Simple stainless steel model with a blue Grand Tapisserie dial will make you fall in love with it.
  • It has self winding manufacture caliber with 40 hp reserve
  • Water resistant to 50 feet.
  1. BRAUN
  • Has a simple classical design
  • Understated, sharp and sophisticated
  • Not too chunky with a 38mm diameter and only 8.5m thickness
  • Awesome and perfect for industrial design fans.
  1. Patek Phillippe
  • Most coveted and high end timepiece
  • Fetches millions of dollars
  • One of the prestigious brand watch which will give you royal and innovative look
  1. Rolex
  • Each timepiece Rolex is still handmade
  • Recognized as a stature symbol
  • Forever high demand watch mostly wore by celebrities

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