Handicrafts of Jammu and Kashmir

The traditional art of Kashmiri people and the handicraft industry are the major source of economy for the Kashmiri people.

Because of its quality, dedication and beauty; this handicrafts have earned international fame. It reflects the rich cultural heritage of Jammu and Kashmir.

Now with the complete integration of the state into India, do plan a tour to this state and have a glimpse of the rich heritage of Jammu and Kashmir.

  1. Shawls

Shawls in Kashmir can be categorized into Woolen, Pashmina and Shahtoosh. Among these the most expensive shawl is Shahtoosh. It is also known as ring shawl as it can literally pass through the ring and its material is known for the softness, lightness and warmth.

Shawls woven with an embroidery pattern using the dyed thread and warps are Pashmina Shawls. They reflects Mughal architectures like that of birds,trees and mythological figures.

  1. Carpets

Kashmiri pure silken carpets with knots in them are in high demand worldwide. These carpets are hand woven with a particular language design.

  1. Wood Carving

This is a peculiarity of Kashmiri which is done only on the walnut wood. The woods are carved more than 2 inches deep.

  1. Paper Mache

Soak the paper until it disintegrates and then pound then into fine pulp and add adhesive. Mold it to different shapes and leave it to dry. Then motifs are designed in gold and silver colors.

Several items like bed, lamps, and pen boxes, decorative are made out of it.

  1. Basketry

They are willows tree with arrow leaves and catkins found in the low lying waterlogged lands or near the lakes. They are aesthetically unique items such as shopping baskets, lampshades, tables, chairs etc.

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