Top 5 Indian Breakfast Menue to shape your body

It has been rightly said that breakfast should always be taken as a king.Breakfast increases metabolism of the body and helps to start the day efficiently.

In this fast life,it is very important to understand what should we eat and what is healthy for the proper functioning of our body.


Here are top 5 Indian breakfasts that can help you to shape your body.



Poha is rich source of iron,fibre,carbohydrates,antioxidants and essential vitamins and is gluten free. It controls sugar level and will never cause blotting. It contains only 250calories which can give you enough energy to start your day.

2.Moong Dal Chilla

Moong is highly rich in nutrients and antioxidants that protects your body against heat stroke,aid digestive health,promotes weight loss and lower the bad cholesterol,blood sugar and blood pressure. It is a huge source of protein and fibers which can aid weight loss. One Chilla will have 98 calories which will energies your day as well as prevent weight gain.

3.Paneer Paratha

Shocked!! Yes you can still lose weight by having this paratha in your daily breakfast menu. One paneer paratha contains 234 calories. Paneer is highly nutritious and rich in calcium and protein. It provides instant energy and if you are making paratha out of it,you will gain carbohydrates(from the wheat) and fat(from the ghee) as well.


Recognised by WHO, Idli is one of the most nutritious breakfast in the world.It is prepared out of rice and lentils. It is rich in fibers,protein,carbohydrates,enzymes,fats and amino acids. Most importantly it does not contain any saturated fat and cholesterol. 3-4idlis contain 300-350 calories.

5.Wheat Dalia

Having a bowl of Dalia will aid in weight loss and the fibers present in it will keep the digestive system up. It has complex carbohydrates and is low in glycemic index; which will keep blood sugar level stable. It also reduces cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Being rich in magnesium, muscles growth is also maintained.

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