Indian Jewelry Designs

Jewelries are the mirror of Indian culture. The range of Jewelry in India varies from religious to aesthetic type. 

Different regions of India will have different jewelry styles.

The story of Indian jewelry style can be traced back from the Indus Valley Civilization where jewelries used to be designed for both men and women. 

In our ancient epics also there has been utmost importance to jewelries both in north and south.

Here are few magnificent jewelry types in India:
  1. Kundan Jewellery
Under the patronage of Rajasthani and sultanate aristocrat, this Mughal jewelry has attained perfection.

  1. Temple Jewelry 
Antique traditional jewelries wherein figures of Ganesha and Lakshmi is engraved for prosperity and happiness. They are mainly common in southern India.

  1. Kaasu Maalai
They are made up of gold coins or small mangas strung sometimes engraved with precious stone. They are also common in southern India.

  1. Filigree Jewelry 
Gold and silver jewelry with filigree work in mughal style architecture gives royal and elevated look.

  1. Mango Mala Set
Mangas symbolizes fertility and prosperity and are mostly worn by south Indian brides.

  1. Meenakari Jewelry 
Gold designs with Kundan stones originated in Persia gives a different style. 

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