Printed Dinner Plates

Dinner; or any other food if served properly in a beautiful plate enhances not only the taste of the food but also makes the person happier.

If you are planning for some kitty or get together of friends, forget to bring out those old white plates that you have owned since your wedding. They look dull and boring now; although they may serve the purpose.

Here are some of the printed dinner plates that should be the charm of your kitchen.

  1. Exclusive Lane Dinner Plate
  • Hand painted.
  • Ceramic plates with multicolored design of scenery with trees and houses.
  1. Kudoz Enterprises
  • White ribbed plates
  • Handcrafted speckled pattern and matte finish
  1. VarEesha
  • The Royal Crown Dinner
  • Blue and green floral design covering over it.
  1. Exclusive Lane Morrocan
  • Painted ceramic plates
  • Striking blue, white and yellow pattern.
  1. Tatvam Lifestyle
  • Floral design pattern
  • Handmade carnation organic ceramics
  • Inspired by the carnation flowers.

Shikha Aakash

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