Nutritional value of  Roti and Rice

Rice is more commonly eaten food across the world; while Roti is more confined to Indian territories. Eating either of them will not adversely affect your health but will definitely enhance your carbs quantity.

Roti can be made up of different flours like wheat, ragi, jowar and bajara, while Rice also comes in different varieties like brown, red,black,white and many more.

Both of them provide carbs more or less in equal quantity. This energizes your body and makes you fit throughout the day.

 Polishing of rice during milling takes away the fibers from the rice and makes it more carbs prone. This causes increment in the glucose level and produces more insulin in the blood.

Thus more diabetic prone is polished rice.

Amylopectin present in rice is easier to digest while roti has higher satiety value.

Roti provides more quantity of protein while the quantity of protein in rice is better as it contains more of the amino acid lysine.

Both roti and rice are fat free. So you can have it without any guilt.

Roti is rich in fiber and are mostly insoluble. Fibers in your food means there is slow absorption of sugar.

Roti has high content of Folate while Rice do not have.

Roti is rich source of phosphorus while rice has less quantity of it.

So basically whole wheat roti is much processed and better than polished rice.

Shikha Aakash

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