Things to do in Kohima

The hilly capital of India was originally known as Kewhira. It shares border with Myanmar and is an adobe of Angami Naga tribes

The city has much more to offer as it includes a lot many things.

We have presented here few of the good sights of Kohima

  1. Keeda Bazaar
  • you would find all sort of meats, vegetables and good share of insects and bugs
  • you can also find honeycombs, silkworm larvae, tadpoles, forest ferns, borol, a delicacy of hornet grubs with larvae and fermented tofu
  • Naga women dressed in shirts and sarongs will be selling pork, beef and dog meat and will be chewing betel nuts most of the time
  1. Kohima War Cemetery
  • a humbling experience as you walk past 2337 graves over here
  • these memorials are located in Garrison Hill
  • at the entrance you will find this heart touching inscription “ When you go home, tell them of us, and say for your tomorrow we gave our today.”
  1. Mt Japfu
  • second highest peak of Nagaland and can be accessed via Kigwama village
  • this trek is quite demanding as it passes through thick rainforest and has little bit of rock climbing
  • you will be mesmerized to see the panoramic view of Dzukou Valley at the top. This valley is known as Nagaland’s Valley of Flowers and is a home to large varieties of lilies and rhododendrons.
  1. World’s hottest chili
  • Bhut Jolokia- world’s hottest chilies are cultivated here on a large scale
  1. Central Market
  • small but fascinating market outside Kohima Local Ground Stadium
  • compendium of exotic Naga tribal food with delicacies as mefi, frog etc.

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