Home Décor

Home Décor include furniture and other household items that are easily replaceable and beautify the house. It includes curtains, sofa set, cushions, tablecloths and other decorative pieces. It is an art of making the internal and external space more attractive and useful.

Here are few home décor ideas which you should implement which will decorate your house

  1. You can create your own art like paintings, posters, quotes and in this way you can reflect your personality on the walls.


  1. Re-arrange the furniture of living room according to your convenience and comfort. This way you can make the living room more livable and you will get positive ideas.
  2. You can use the age old techniques of concentrating on the walls focal point or to any corner.


  1. Adding plants to your interior will enhance the beauty of the room. This will make the area green and will balance the air and temperature.


  1. In case if you cannot afford colorful wall, you can decorate it with colorful antiques like curtains, rugs, furniture, lamppost, portraits, couches etc. This will make the surrounding more splashing and vibrant.


  1. Good light creates a good vibe and will give warmth to the surroundings. Add light that can radiate and calm the aura.


  1. Instead of throwing away the bottles, canes, old papers; you can reuse it in an environment friendly way. This will not only save the environment but will add the aesthetic appeal to your living spaces.


  1. You can add on a family photographs on a side wall to make it a family gallery This will give an aura of comfort, love and serenity within the home.


  1. Paint the wall according to the light of the room. In case the room is more spacious and ventilated; paint it with dark color and vice-versa. This will give warmth to your house.


  1. Kitchen utensils should be used properly and they should match to the color of the dining area.

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